World shopping guide



Welcome to our website !

Here, we explain how to purchase items for overseas customers.

Have fun shopping !



[1]How to view the website. 


1> Brand Name

Click the brand name.


Men's street brand


Kids brand


2>   Top Banner

3>   Item List




4>   Category List


5>   Details of an item

Once you click an item, the details will be shown.

A. Name of item

B. Price

C. Scheduled arrival date of item /Color/ size

E. Choose your Color/size. 

F. Add to shopping cart.

G. Gift wrapping




7>   Shopping cart

Type in quantity of item in the box.

To delete, check the box on the right.


8>   Prceed to checkout

Click the red button to proceed.




9>   Create an account

If you haven't created an account, click the red button for registration.


Please click [account creation method] for how to register.


10>   Login

Once you have created your account,  fill in the boxes with...

H. e-mail address

 I. Password

And click the black button to login.




11>   Shipping method

Make sure the receiver's address is correct.
K. Click the black button to proceed.



12>   Payment method

L. Click the button on the top [クレジットカード払い] for "Pay by credit card". 

M. Feel free to write us!

N. Click the black button to proceed.




13>   Review order

O. Make sure [P] and [Q] are correct, then click the red button.

P.  Receiver's address.

Q. Items to be purchased.




14>   Please select a payment method

R. Total price of items

   An extra shipping cost will be added.

   Please click [international mail]for shipping fees.


S. The card brands you can use

T. Card number

U. Security code

V.  Expiration date

W. Card holder's name

X. Click the button【 】to complete the order.



15>   Your order has been successfully completed!

We have sent you a conformation e-mail in Japanese.

In addition, we will send you an email in English ASAP.

Thank you very much for shopping with us!





[2]Terms of Service 


Please read before you order.


We do not accept exchange.

We do not accept cancellation.

The items are not refundable.

Wrapping will cost additional 300 yen.


Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Please click [特定商取引法表示] for specific trade law display.



Please click [お問い合わせ]for contact.





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